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drive home from work
or whatever you've done
make yourself dinner
be up for some fun

turn on your computer
but don't check your mail
feel a bit randy 
follow the trail

log on to the chatroom
I will be there
ask me some questions
be blunt if you dare

tease me a little
but don't make me pray
just put something on
and get on your way

no need to pretend
come as you are
find my apartment
the door is ajar

take off your shoes
grab us two beers
make yourself comfy
don't mention my tears

turn off your phone
look into my eyes
hear my dumb story
and what it implies

move a bit closer
grab hold of my hand
give me a smile and
do understand

do not be bashful
get out of your clothes
show me some things
that nobody knows

give me your body
and give me some
sweet thrills and shivers
then make me come

caress me gently
hold me a while
tell me it's okay
with your tender smile

let us stay naked
all night long
make us hot chocolate
sing me a song

take me to bed
kiss me goodnight
lie down beside me 
make my dreams bright

written, performed and produced by Mark Luto

© 2016 / all rights reserved

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