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No, I won't write this in third person, because it's just me, obviously.

My name is Mark Luto... well, actually that's a preudonym, there are a couple more letters in my real name. But when it comes to making music, that's how I call myself. So my name is Mark Luto, and I write songs.  



I make a living from being a theatre techie. Always behind the scenes, in the dark, giving my best to let other people shine in the limelight. Don't get me wrong, I love my job. And I love making songs, too. Releasing my music is my very own little stage.



At first I recorded cover versions of beloved songs. Just for myself, nobody ever knew. Someday I worked up the courage to share a couple of those covers on SoundCloud. People listened to my covers. That felt odd, but great. I got invited to a songwriter forum. Songwriters in the Kitchen turned out to be a marvellous place filled with marvellous people. I felt at home. Everybody encouraged me to write my own stuff. So I did.



Since I'm not exactly virtuoso when it comes to playing instruments, I basically work with virtual instruments and samples. Today's technology and a bit of experience allow me to achieve quality levels I'm passably comfortable with. Programming orchestral sounds became a passion, as well as tinkering with electronic noises. And everything in between, of course.



I'm not a pro. Don't know much about music theory or how to properly compose. But I know what I like and I try to make music I would appreciate as a listener. Music I would connect to. It's not easy. But sometimes, when I'm lucky, I like the results. Even the singing. I hope you do, too. Thank you very much for listening. And also for reading this introduction to the very end!



Mark Luto

Impressum • Markus Ludstock • Seestrasse 156 • 8820 Wädenswil • Switzerland • • +41 79 348 73 50 

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