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What Matters.jpg


I keep drifting
still and again
I've been told 
what matters

yet life moves past
considered, I believed
I could take part in 
what matters

burnt out
blocked up
shut down
knocked out
booked up
marked down

behind that door
scores of white coats
what matters

freaked out
tied up
stripped down
worn out
puffed up
run down

they won't reach me
through the wall
I've built around 
what matters

blocked out
dried up
closed down
washed out
fucked up
low down

yet the storm
the cloudburst will come
and wash away
what matters

and spite will be gone
and grief will be gone 
and pride will be gone
and love will be gone
and I will be gone

written, performed and produced by Mark Luto

© 2016 / all rights reserved

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