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I hear them before I see them
and I lower my head
I know what's coming 
before it's been said
the same old lines
still they fill me with dread

just words
just words


spat with venom
or so called jest
smile and sigh
you know it is for the best
you long to scream
please just give it a rest


just words
the spark to light your fears
just words
the start of inner fears

just words
just words

they're not sticks or stones
but still they bruise deep
barbs that hurt
they get beneath
your outward smiles
while inside you weep

just words
just words
just words
just words

written by Jürgen Joarder

arranged, performed and produced by Mark Luto

for the Songwriters in the Kitchen - cover competition 2016

© 2016 / all rights reserved

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