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you lure me away from my dreams in the morning
you give me sweet kisses the whole of the day 
I want you to know how much I'll always love you
oh you are so charming I can't keep away

whenever I touch you sweet shivers go through me
I cannot hold off just keep plugging away
I love you, I need you, adore you, my darling
I love you is all I can say

you stand in the corner compellingly sexy
one peek and my heart is completely in flames
I succumb to your charms and you wake up my instincts
and you make me call you voluptuous names

when your juices are flowing I get so excited
I want to sense your taste with my tongue
my animal instincts take hold of the scene
and I'm feeling so rampant and young

my endless desire for you makes me muzzy
as you are presenting me your gorgeous cup
with your persuasiveness and your sensualism
you always will get me up

without you my life would be dreadfully dull
but you're here and you're faithful and tough like a queen
please don't let me down, just stand by me forever 
my precious espresso machine

written, performed and produced by Mark Luto

for the Songwriters in the Kitchen - love song with a twist - competition

© 2016 / all rights reserved

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